Private COVID-19 PCR and rapid antigen testing for travel and workplace settings in 24 hours*

Experience top quality and efficiency by friendly and experienced doctors, nurses and medical staff.

Your one-stop for travel COVID-19 PCR or rapid antigen testing

Please note we are not offering rapid antigen at the moment

* Walk-ins welcome (Please call in advance)
* QR code available
* Urgent or same-day appointments may incur additional fees
* PCR test results can take up to 24-48 hours
* Rapid antigen test results in as little as 15 minutes (can take up to 2 hours) (Please note we do not offer rapid antigen at the moment)

Competitive Pricing

PCR nasal or gargle test:
     Burnaby & Vancouver Promo: $195 + GST limited time! (Reg. $245)
     West Vancouver: $245 + GST

PCR + Serum antibody test:
     Burnaby & Vancouver Promo: $325 + GST limited time! (Reg. $375)
     West Vancouver: $375 + GST

Flexible appointments

Quick and Safe

We schedule the appointment so there is minimal wait times. They are spaced out to provide a safe environment with all staff required to wear Personal Protective Equipment.

Dependant on your Travel date

We will schedule your Covid-19 testing to coincide with the country of destination requirements

COVID-19 Testing for Travel

At our testing site we are only able to provide COVID-19 Testing for Essential Travel only. You must be asymptomatic (showing no signs of illness) to enter our testing site.

Workplace safety testing

We provide in-clinic for workplace and organizations. We also provide off-site COVID-19 testing any where in Metro Vancouver . Group discount is provided depending on the number of individuals. Please call us to discuss the details or outside of Metro Vancouver.


How does it work?

3 Easy Steps!

Book Online

Book online using our easy to use and secure booking system. Once you fill out the forms and provide payment, your booking will be confirmed via e-mail/text.

Covid-19 Testing

Arrive at our clinic and finalize payment before a quick COVID-19 PCR swab or rapid antigen test by one of our qualified staff. PCR swabs will be sent same day to the lab for testing.

E-mail Results

In 24 to 48 hours, we will receive your lab results. Once we receive the results we will send the result, along with a letter from one of our Doctors to confirm a negative or positive result. (rapid test will be same day) Happy Travels!

Covid 19 negative

PCR testing

Nucleic acid-based testing (NAAT), also known as PCR, or molecular testing. This test is the gold standard used to diagnose COVID-19 infection and is the most widely accepted test for travel.

Our Clinic

COVID-19 PCR testing and rapid antigen testing facility for asymptomatic patients for travel and workplace safety.


To book, please check our online booking section:

For PCR we suggest to book 2 days before travel (depending on the destination)
Currently our turnaround time for PCR test result is approximately 24 hours.
Sept. 1 – Appointment
Sept. 2 – Results and letter via email sent to you in the evening
Sept. 3 – Departure

For rapid antigen test we suggest to book 1 or 2 days before travel. Results in as little as 15 minutes,  but can take up to 2 hours

PCR: Due to high demand, Lifelab cannot guarantee that the result will arrive on time and our clinic has no control over when we receive the result and can take 24-48 hours. Currently, it takes 24 hours for the result to arrive from Lifelab.

Rapid antigen: The test takes 15 minutes and we can process the results in around 15 minutes, but can take up to 2 hours.  We can also send the results via email.

PCR nasal or gargle test:
Burnaby & Vancouver Promo: $195+GST limited time offer! (Reg. $245)
West Vancouver:$245+GST

PCR + Serum antibody test:
Burnaby & Vancouver Promo: $325+GST limited time offer! (Reg. $375)
West Vancouver:$375+GST

Rapid antigen nasal test:
Burnaby & Vancouver Promo: $119+GST
West Vancouver:$129+GST

For PCR test, we conduct the nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) also known as RT-PCR test which is the golden standard for detecting the virus. The specimen is collected via nasal swab. Our PCR tests are approved by Canadian health authorities and are recognized by all airlines and countries.

The rapid antigen test we use are Health Canada approved and recognized for travel by border services and airlines. They are approved for USA and UK as well as other countries.

We offer the serum antibody (IgM) testing if needed by your destination country and the airline. This is a blood test conducted at LifeLabs. Both tests are approved by Canadian health authorities and are recognized by all airlines and countries.

Since the tests are for travel and occupational purposes for asymptomatic individuals, they are private pay service and are not covered by B.C. MSP plan.

As our clinic is following all the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, we do require that you wear a mask at all time and follow social distancing practice.
Please bring a picture ID, e.g. Driver’s Licence or Passport. If you are a resident of BC, please bring your Care Card with you when you come in.

For PCR and serum tests, the results and clearance letter will be emailed to you or you can drop by the clinic and grab the report.

For Rapid antigen tests, results are available within 15 minutes to 2 hours or they can also be emailed.

Yes, we do provide onsite testing for all workplace and organization sites. Please call us to discuss the details and we will make arrange accordingly.


Open 7 days a week
and holidays
Please check booking page for availability