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Book online using our easy to use and secure booking system. Once you fill out the forms and provide deposit, your booking will be confirmed via e-mail/text.

COVID-19 Testing

Arrive at our facility and finalize payment before a quick COVID-19 PCR swab by one of our qualified staff. The swab will be sent same day to the LifeLabs for testing.

E-mail Results

In 24 to 72 hours, we will receive your lab results. Once we receive the results we will send the results, along with a letter from one of our Physicians to confirm a negative or positive result. Happy Travels!

Flexible appointment dates

COVID-19 Testing for Essential Travel Vancouver

At our testing centre we are only able to provide COVID-19 testing for Essential Travel. You must be asymptomatic (showing no signs of illness) to enter our clinic.

Dependant on your Travel date

We will schedule your COVID-19 testing to coincide with the country of destination requirements

Quick and Safe

We schedule the appointment so there is minimal wait times. They are spaced out to provide a safe environment with all staff required to wear PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Occupational Health & Safety Testing

We provide in-clinic for workplace and organizations. We also provide off-site COVID-19 testing any where in Metro Vancouver . Group and corporate discounts are provided depending on the number of individuals. Please call us to discuss the details or if outside of Metro Vancouver.

Transparent Pricing

PCR test*:

PCR and Serum Antibody (IgM) test*:

(For the Antibody Serum Test, you will need to bring the requisition by our physician to LifeLabs where they will administer the blood test. We will help you book a same day appointment. The price includes the blood test; No additional fees.)

*Please note essential travel and occupational health and safety testing is not covered by MSP and is private pay only


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Covid 19 negative

PCR testing

Nucleic Acid-Based Test (NAAT), also known as Reverse Transcriptase – Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test, or molecular testing. This test is the GOLD standard used to diagnose COVID-19 infection and is the most widely accepted test for travel.


Amazing service and excellent communication throughout. Will definitely go back for all testing needs.
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Covid-19 Test for Travel Vancouver
Quality, Environment, Customer Service, Wait Time. Your location in West Vancouver is excellent, Your professionalism Great, and Tina was Just the Best !!!
Covid-19 Test for Travel Vancouver

Our Clinic

COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing clinic for asymptomatic patients for essential travel and occupational health & safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective Feb. 22nd, 2021, in addition to proof of a negative pre-departure test already in place, all air travellers arriving in Canada must pre-reserve a room in a Government of Canada-approved hotel for three nights at their own cost (est. $1200-2000 CAD), and take a COVID-19 molecular test (PCR) on arrival at their own cost.
If the results are Negative, you will be free to leave the hotel and quarantine the rest of the 14 days at your home or a suitable place of your choice. Toward the end of your quarantine you must take another COVID-19 test, following the instructions provided.
If the results are Positive, you will be moved to a “designated government facility” to make sure you are not carrying variants and finish the 14-day quarantine. You do not have to pay for the stay at the designated facility.

More information below:
Travel Restrictions Canada

Yes, starting Feb. 15th, 2021 travellers will require a Negative COVID-19 PCR test for travel.  The results must be within 72 hours of crossing the border from U.S to Canada.

As of Feb. 22nd, 2021, travellers will be required to take a COVID-19 PCR test upon arrival, as well as toward the end of their 14-day quarantine.

Due to high demand, Lifelab cannot guarantee that the result will arrive on time and our clinic has no control over when we receive the result. Currently, Covid 19 test for travel takes 24-72 hours for the result to arrive from Lifelab.

The cost of the PCR nasal swab test is $295. If you need the antibody (IgM) test, it will cost $395 (price includes both PCR and Serum test).

We conduct the nucleic acid amplification test (NAAT) also known as RT-PCR test which is the golden standard for detecting the virus. The specimen is collected via nasal swab. Our PCR tests are approved by Canadian health authorities and are recognized by all airlines and countries.

We offer the serum antibody (IgM) testing if needed by your destination country and the airline. This is a blood test conducted at LifeLabs. Both tests are approved by Canadian health authorities and are recognized by all airlines and countries.

Yes, our clinic provides both PCR (NAAT)  and serum antibody (IgM) tests.  The tests we conduct are approved for ALL airlines and countries that require both PCR and antibody testing.  These are the tests that are required for travel to China currently.  We use LifeLabs who processes the specimens.

Since the tests are for travel and occupational purposes for asymptomatic individuals, they are private pay service and are not covered by B.C. MSP plan.

As our clinic is following all the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, we do require that you wear a mask at all time and follow social distancing practice. If you are a resident of BC, please bring your CareCard with you when you come in.

Yes! There is ample free city parking all around our testing centre. Please note since we are near the beach and park, when the weather is nice it may be harder to find a parking spot.

When you arrive for your appointment, please wait outside of the medical building to minimize contact inside. We will call the phone number on file when it is time for your appointment (we may be backed up at times, please be patient). There will be signs throughout the building to guide you to Covid Travel Vancouver (Unit 105).

Your results will be emailed to you or you can drop by the clinic and grab the report.

Yes, we do provide onsite testing for all workplace and organization sites. Please call us to discuss the details and we will make arrangements accordingly.


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